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Welcome to my website. I'm Jason Rowlett, a web3 journalist, podcaster, and public speaker.

I have been writing articles and editorials about crypto, NFTs, blockchain and the metaverse since 2021. I also host and produce two podcasts about web3 out of my professional home studio.

I relative newcomer to crypto, I have been analyzing and investing in the crypto markets since 2020. I began writing full-time about crypto and the metaverse in 2021 and was hired by BCCN3 Media in 2022 and by Dfinity later that same year. 

During 2022 I had the pleasure of traveling to several events to several web3 events and conferences to interview speakers, founders, investors and influencers. 


In 2022 I blessed to be able to attend DcentralCon Austin, Bitcoin Amsterdam, and Dcentralcon Miami. I covered all these events in articles for BCCN3 and interviewed several of the speakers and companies.

I have interviewed such industry influencers as The Mayor, Ty Greenfield, Wendy O, the Blonde Broker, Jad Comair, as well as dozens of founders, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs in web3.

This website is meant to serve as a platform to interact with me to speak at your next web3 event, apply to be interviewed, spotlighted on my Foretoken podcast, or partner with me to advertise your brand, service or product, per KYC.

Outside of work I am a competitive rower, fencer and amateur polo player. I live in Austin, TX, with my tabby cat, RaleighI consider myself very blessed to come to this stage in my life and I absolutely love the work I do.

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